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    59 E 54 st, Suite 72
    NY, NY 10022
    United States
    Company Contact
    Shay Chen
    CEO & Founder
    Company Contact
    Kelley DeVincentis
    Senior Vice President
    Southard Communications

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    Flycatcher is an innovative toy company that uses emerging technologies to embrace learning and nurture creativity, storytelling and emotional intelligence. Its mission is to create toys that bridge the gap between real life and technology, balancing physical and digital activities, and encouraging interaction between kids and adults. In 2018, the company was nominated for a coveted Toy of the Year Award (T.O.T.Y) for the smART sketcher™ Projector and once again in 2019 for the smART Pixelator. This year, the company will expand its line-up with the launch of Smarty PAD, Smarty JOJO, Smarty FLUTTER for preschoolers. 

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