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    208-10 Cross Island Pkwy #527
    Bayside, NY 11360
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    Joe Sena

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    Since 2004, Fourth Castle has produced toys, novelties and collectibles either under its own brands or white-labeled for partners.

    Our specialties: NANOFORCE® army men sets, KRUSHEEZ™ slo-rise squishies and exquisite classic lunchbox/thermos combos that are themselves works of art, for world class brands such as STAR TREK, NARUTO, ASSASSIN’S CREED, HALLOWEEN, HELLRAISER, GEARS OF WAR, R|SIEGE and ULTRAMAN.

    Partnering with Ningbo Beilun Happyfoam, we introduce our own line of high-concept squishies for discount, specialty and grocery markets. Our partners FRIGHT-RAGS and FANWRAPS will have premieres from their lines on display as well.

    Come see us at booth 4231!


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