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    319 Windward Island
    Clearwater, Florida 33767
    United States
    Company Contact
    Judith Schwyter
    VP Marketing

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    We’re family owned company and were founded in 2010 under the name System Enterprises LLC and invented our very first toy RingStix which received over 14 awards. In 2014 we changed our name to Funsparks.  Now we have over 30 SKUs and we’re constantly expanding our line. This year alone we have come up with 8 new active toys and there will be more throughout the year. Now we provide; Cornhole, Jazzminton Paddle Game, Frisbee, Lawn Darts, Return Ball, Ladder Game, Ring Toss, Magnetic Darts Board, Slam Ball, Paddle Catch, Switch Ball, etc. We invite you to booth #5709!


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