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    15 Stamford Road
    Oakleigh, Victoria 3166
    Company Contact
    Kristi Beaulieu
    Director, Marketing and Communications
    ChizComm Ltd.
    416-551-0822 ext. 335
    Company Contact
    Gary Coppen
    International Sales Director
    + 61 3 85744402

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    Headstart was built from tradition, knowledge and humble beginnings in 2005, and is now a major player in the toy industry. The company’s core foundations continuously drive growth because of stability, fresh and innovative approach to campaign strategies, and the diverse and innovative people. They passionately believe in the power of their brands, and the ability to find new and better ways to connect their brands to their consumers through meaningful relationships with retail, media and partners. This year Headstart will showcase new for 2020 brand, Resoftables in the North Concourse Lobby at NCLM-07.


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