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    Madd Capp's die-cut jigsaw puzzles and unique checkers and card games add a new twist to the old classics! Introducing Madd Capp Mini Puzzles, new for 2019 from the makers of the award-winning, poster-size, animal head-shaped Madd Capp Puzzles. A lower price point and a smaller finished size, 300-piece Madd Capp Minis have the same big fun. Packaged in Madd Capp's signature five-sided box, each puzzle comes with educational Fun Facts and a full puzzle image. Collect them all — 14 Madd Capp Puzzles, 13 Madd Capp Jr. Puzzles, and 6 Madd Capp Mini Puzzles (coming this spring). Back by popular demand, our bestselling S'mores & More Checkers, featuring marshmallow checkers, graham cracker crowns, and a unique (and redesigned) dice shaker that determines moves and strategy. It's madcap fun for everyone! www.maddcappgames.com

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