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    220 ROPE MILL PARKWAY, JAKAB Solutions, Inc.
    Woodstock, GA 30188
    United States
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    KJ Robinson
    800-380-0996 x 1001

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    Level 1 6619 NYTF Books and Music:

    My Audio Pets - the tiniest, cutest, most kick-butt Bluetooth speakers on the planet, featuring the ridiculously fun Hide and Speak App.

    My Audio Stories - reinventing storytime with beautifully illustrated hardback books, matching my audio pets and the My Audio Stories App that lets you listen, record and share these delightful stories.

    My Audio Pet Splash - go ahead get wet - shower, bath, beach, pool, lake, or just singing along in the rain with these adorable aquatic animal IPX7 Bluetooth speakers -  waterproof powerful portable fun.

    My Audio Life - Portable Parties with SOUND BEYOND SIZE


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