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    5433 E La Palma Avenue
    Anaheim, CA 92807
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    Peter Koehl
    Vice President

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    Skullduggery’s product lines have been designed to appeal to specialty toy-lovers throughout the world. Exciting packaging, unique designs, and US manufacturing tempt children and parents alike. All of our products ship from our 10,000 square foot facility in Anaheim, California. Discover online and in our catalogue almost a dozen brands including Smithsonian Museum Craft Kits, Smithsonian 3D Motorized Puzzles, Knuckle-Headz Head Poppin' Racers, Max Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing Systems, Marble Copters, Body Shop Racer Kits, Eyewitness Kits, Classroom Science Kits, and Fossil Replicas.


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